Part Two: What type of video content should you be using in your email marketing?

Date: June 19, 2017 Author: Bryan McCarthy Bolan Categories: Latest

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that adding video content to your email marketing campaign can help you grow your business and reach customers. (If you don’t, you can read Part One of the here to get caught up).

In Part One, we scoured the web to find statistics to back up this popular consensus. Adding video to your campaign can increase conversion rates by 21 per cent, and in one study, increased a click-through rate by as much as 300 per cent.

So, we know that video email marketing can work. But how do you know which type of video content to use in your next email marketing campaign?

Don’t take the “one-size-fits-all” approach

Email marketing is effective, but it’s hard to tell why one person opens an email, and another doesn’t.

This is why it’s important to market to people in the various stages of your company’s sales funnel because, after all, it’s still impossible to tell what someone is thinking.  

There’s a spectrum of videos to choose from that may fit the different buying stages your customers are at.  A “case study” video could work for prospects at the consideration stage or mid-funnel, and how-to videos or vlogs are excellent for the retention stage.

The more personal, the better

We wanted a second opinion about types of content, so we checked in with James Brown from Inbox Marketer, a full-service email marketing agency. He had great success using personalized video as part of their 2016 holiday campaign and recommended this strategy.

“Personalized video is the best way to stand out in the inbox. It’s not enough to simply send a video anymore, people want to feel like they’re being engaged with directly,” Brown said.

“We ran a holiday campaign in December and leveraged personalized video (for the first time) as a fun way to communicate with our customers. We saw our click-through rate jump from 50 per cent to 138 per cent! We also saw an 80 per cent completion rate on the video because of the personalized elements.”

There you have it: when you add personal elements to your marketing campaign, it can make a big impact on its success.

The solution

The solution is simple enough for businesses with small budgets: make sure your video and email marketing objectives coincide. The goal of your email marketing campaign is to send a message that is directly in line with what you’re trying to accomplish.

We can capitalize on a small budget by creating case studies, customer service videos, and videos about industry news and trends that are affordable to produce. Or perhaps you’d like to create your own video, but would like some consulting on how to fine tune it and hit the right notes with your messaging.

The bottom line

Creating these smaller videos may help you market more effectively. As long as you’re thinking about your customer, making the videos to fit into your overall campaign goals – your next email marketing campaign will be something to be excited about!