Facebook cover videos: How to utilize Facebook’s newest feature

Date: July 4, 2017 Author: Bryan McCarthy Bolan Categories: Latest

Facebook is making major changes to both pages for businesses and individuals. But this time – it’s for the better! Facebook has recently introduced video as an option for cover photos and the feature is now available for about 80 per cent of pages.

It’s a great idea because video drives engagement, and this is Facebook’s biggest selling point. The dimensions are close to that of a cover photo, with Facebook suggesting cover videos be 820 x 312 pixels and are 20-90 seconds long. Having a video to welcome people to your page can work to grow your business, and here’s how.

Forgo the sound

Sound in most video is beneficial – but only when done well! When sound is on AutoPlay, it can be quite aggressive for those just browsing. If someone is just happening on your page for the first time, the last thing they want is some voice telling them what to do, and they will probably click away.

My recommendation is to tread lightly. Keep your cover video subtle, without sound, and test it out for yourself. You want to create something that will make people want to watch the whole thing, not just turn off the sound. Sometimes with video, and especially on social media, it’s best to have it closed captioned (you can have a professional do this in the editing stage) or at least put some kind of explanation in the caption of the cover photo.

Make use of extra video footage

Facebook’s new cover videos present a great opportunity for any extra b-roll from promotional videos you may have made in the past.

This type of footage works perfectly because it didn’t make it into the final cut of your video product – so you can use it on your profile without worry of seeming repetitive. You also want longer shot sequences, meaning, edit together 4 or 5 shots that are 5 to 10 seconds long.  That’s really all you’ll need to do. Easy, right? 

Keep it simple and approachable

Video is great for engagement on Facebook, as we’ve discussed in many of our previous blogs. However, when it comes to video for your Facebook cover, simple really is the way to go. Take the hit Netflix series, Narcos, for example. They just looped a silent, minimalist, black and white 6-second clip of stacks of cash! I would have selected a longer loop so it wasn’t as choppy, but they have the right idea.

When you come off as too salesy online, it can ruin any chance of developing a lead from your Facebook page.

Think of your cover video as the first page of a book. You don’t want to scare anyone away – you want to bring them in slowly and pique their interest. Be respectful of people’s intents when they’re checking out your page, and most importantly, keep it simple.