Being able to light, shoot, edit and add cool transitions and graphics are table-stakes in professional video production. They are the skills you can find everywhere – because everyone has access to cheap tools and free training these days. But simply owning the tools does not make you a craftsman.

At b-Mc Creative, we believe that real value in video production starts with the strategy.  That’s the part that connects your video production investment with a set of identified business needs. It’s the part that ensures the video you end up with actually helps your business to grow and thrive.

What’s in a video strategy? Knowledge of your business and the video’s intended purpose. A solid understanding of the targeted audience. Brand and creative considerations. Budgetary parameters. Full consideration of the choices and options for delivering the video content to its targeted audience. And measurement tools and response mechanisms.

Contact us to find out the difference that a solid strategy will make for your video needs.